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Where to with Blockchain?

The meteoric rise, and perhaps, similar crash, of Bitcoin has made "Blockchain" a household word and a topic that every IT Executive must address. IT industry press is hyperventilating about the possibilities. And, venture money is pouring into 'blockchain' start-ups.
But Blockchain is a computer file structure, NOT a business model. In order to reap the benefits of Blockchain, businesses will need more technology than a distributed ledger system and more innovation in their business process engineering.

You need HHG's help.

What is Blockchain?

What can HHG do for you?

Bitcoin and other applications of Blockchain are built on many more engineering components than DLT; this list only scratches the surface of the components required for any whole solution:
Creative use of these engineering components can lead to new and improved systems functionality for financial transactions, supply chain management, and electronic health records, just to name a few. But engineering components, by themselves, are not an innovative business model or a re-engineered business process.
HHG consultants have the experience to navigate through the inevitable 'hype cycle' gyrations. We have been through previous technology upheavals and have used a combination of tried-and-true business and technology management consulting practices to deliver groundbreaking innovations that create value for your company.
For innovators building the next generation of business systems on the Hyperledger foundation, Haddon Hill Group helps break the constraints to your success with...


HHG's rigorous approach to Advanced Technology adoption Proofs of Concept has been successfully proven at large enterprise customers over the last 10 years. We have updated our approach to support Blockchain based on analyses of the outcomes of multiple Blockchain PoC's.
Haddon Hill Group has decades of experience implementing leading-edge technology for startups and Fortune 100 corporations. Our industry use-case focus includes: