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IT Infrastructure Management

DO NOT embark on a large IT project unless you can clearly commit to creating stakeholder-recognized business value.
In most large enterprises, the total number of hardware devices, software instances, network connections and associated traffic continues to explode.
While efforts such as SOA, virtualization, product consolidation and other simplification initiatives are common, the fact is that most IT infrastructures still struggle to support multiple platforms and products that, at some technical level, still require proprietary management and support. In fact, SOA initiatives can easily disrupt a carefully managed infrastructure unless SOA governance is an integral part of your infrastructure management processes and tooling.
As enterprises move towards the integrated IT Service Management goal, there are no easy answers to the need for integration. IT process automation, based on orchestrating tools to improve infrastructure management, becomes a survival imperative to control IT costs and ensure availability.
“You folks are great. I never need to worry about missed deadlines or deliverables. I wish all our services providers were like you…”
Senior PMO manager for a global financial services firm
A company's infrastructure management approach must be driven by the business strategy. It must manage and measure the infrastructure from the business customer's viewpoint; improving the quality of service while reducing costs. This includes:
No vendor can deliver infrastructure management nirvana out of a box. Each company's specific legacy technology deployments become critical constraints on the critical path to better Infrastructure management.

HHG Technical Leadership for Project Success

HHG consultants have deep and extensive experience delivering improvements to IT infrastructure management as well as in depth experience with enterprise SOA and cloud infrastructure. Oftentimes working with your process, operations, ITIL champion or consultant as well as your vendors' tools specialists, HHG can provide the practical technical leadership to ensure that your project succeeds, by:
People, Processes and Tools are the key business success factors for improving IT management

Critical Business Success Factors

While addressing the complexities of technical detail, our consultants never lose sight of the critical business success factors: