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Business Service Views

Today, IT must deliver realtime monitoring of business events. To align with the business, IT must change from "infrastructure management by technology silo" to business service management from a realtime view of the business, not just the technology that supports the business.
Historically, IT was managed by technology product and platform, not by business service. Viewed through its native monitoring tools, network availability may appear adequate; but, if order processing stops, network availability does not matter until the true cause of the outage can be located and repaired.
With e-commerce, virtually every business is dependent on time-critical transaction processing. Every month brings another story about a well-known company suffering hours of business outage due to inability to manage IT infrastructure. While implementation of controlled ITIL process will reduce self-inflicted damage, components still fail and partner links still go down.
“The implementation of Business Service Views is leading the way to demonstrating the feasibility
of real-time business service views on a global scale…”
A report from the leading IT analyst firm
Business Service Views monitor real-time events, holistically, from the customer and business service perspectives rather than from the technology perspective. Implementable via the IBM WebSphere and Tivoli tools, as well as the Interlink BES tool suite, among others, Service Views deliver real-time business metrics (e.g., payments or orders processed, declined or failed transactions, sales by class, etc.) as well as correlated technology metrics. IT can then quickly determine the cause of the problem, isolate it, repair and recover from it, as well as use the data to anticipate and avoid future service failures.
Implementing Business Service Views also enables the establishment of realtime, accurate and measurable end-to-end Service Level Agreements (SLAs), as well providing the foundation for a true enterprise dashboard for business management.
Successful implementation requires the identification and leveraging of all the critical realtime event sources that impact your business. These event sources (business as well as technology) must be understood, hierarchically filtered, laterally enriched and then processed via business rules to provide an accurate real-time representation of the business. IT management will also want to "drill down" by stages to quickly identify the source of any slowdown or interruption. This requires a holistic understanding of your company's unique revenue and support processes, along with their relationship to the underlying IT infrastructure and management tools.
HHG consultants have the experience to assist your firm to create and maintain sophisticated and valuable Business Service Views.
Key Success Factors
HHG led a global realtime processing firm's implementation of Business Service Views. This implementation was and still is cited by IT Analyst reporting (Gartner, Burton, Meta) as "leading the way" to show the feasibility of a realtime business service view on a global scale.
Implementing Business Service Views in this organization: