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Below are summaries of ten practice areas. Please click on the link for a more in-depth explanation of each topic.

Financial Management for IT

IT must go beyond reacting to and managing technical demands - IT must show, in business as well as financial terms, how it can enable enterprise value.
Unless IT managers can show clearly how IT investment leads to organizational value, senior management views IT as a cost center that costs too much. Since most IT shops do not make full use of the available financial tools and techniques, IT managers face difficult discussions with their CFOs.
Our senior professionals understand the tools of financial management as well as IT management. We can help you demonstrate to management the connection from IT investment to business value.
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HHG works closely with our clients’ IT product and services vendors;
we are a technology management consulting company and do not sell pure development services.

Enterprise Integration

Even though vendor's tools have become increasingly powerful, successful enterprise integration is still one of the most difficult things to get right in IT.
Implementing system integrations to create orchestrated processes–without negatively impacting existing operational effectiveness–is even more difficult, but is critical to delivering business value and operational efficiency.
The HHG team has the broad range of business and technical expertise necessary to help large IT shops succeed with their complex enterprise integration projects.
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Enterprise Architecture

Without an enterprise architecture that clearly links to the business strategy, it is virtually impossible to insure that IT systems and solutions will be financially and functionally effective to enable tactical and strategic execution.
Enterprise architecture provides the essential blueprints for realizing the business strategy through IT. A properly completed enterprise architecture allows IT management to influence business strategy in a language executive management can understand.
HHG delivers practical and actionable enterprise architecture projects for clients. Our project expertise and business experience inform our architecture work, enabling you to better respond to technological change and keep pace with demanding business needs.
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IT Infrastructure Management

In most large enterprises, the number of hardware, software and other components is exploding; IT managers struggle to support multiple platforms and products. To succeed, IT service management must integrate IT systems with the business processes supporting IT to deliver business services to customers.
While ITIL provides a framework, no vendor can deliver infrastructure management out of a box. Worse, all legacy technology deployments constrain the path to better infrastructure management.
HHG consultants have deep experience delivering improved IT infrastructure management. Working with your internal team, consultants and vendors' tools specialists, we can provide the technical leadership to make sure that your project delivers recognized value.
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ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library)
ITIL is a defined set of closely related processes necessary for effective IT infrastructure management, and is increasingly the foundation for any IT infrastructure management improvement initiative.
Implementing ITIL best practices means integrating new tools with numerous process, data and event points distributed across existing system deployments. When appropriately configured and integrated with existing tools and corporate financial systems, ITIL products can support world-class IT processes.
By contributing advanced systems integration expertise and sophisticated project management methodologies, HHG can help make your ITIL program a practical success.
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Business Service Views
To align with the business, IT must change from "infrastructure management by technology silo" to business service management from a real-time view of the business, not just the technology that supports the business.
Business service views monitor real-time events from the customer and business-service perspectives rather than just from the technology perspective.
HHG consultants have the hands-on experience to help your firm to create and maintain sophisticated and valuable business service views.
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Configuration Management
Management data repositories, primarily Configuration Management Databases (CMDB), are essential to IT service management implementations. The growing popularity of ITIL is driving the adoption of CMDB because the ITIL framework is built on a CMDB foundation.
Yet, successful implementation of a federated enterprise CMDB is the most difficult project that a large IT shop can undertake. The toughest deliverable is getting your people committed to implementing the CMDB.
HHG has deep practical expertise with CMDB technologies. We can assist your team with all activities to make your CMDB a real-time "source of truth" for your IT operation.
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Information Security

IT organizations can no longer manage security on an ad-hoc, technology silo basis. An increasingly sophisticated threat landscape and tightening regulatory environment demand an integrated "defense in depth" across tools, technologies, and people.
HHG helps our clients move from audit and compliance "slide-ware" to operational integrations that meet both the compliance and audit objectives while actually protecting the organization against increasingly complex threats.
We work directly with our clients' Information Security staff to leverage their knowledge with our capabilities to quickly complete sensitive IT security projects under tight deadlines.
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Consulting to Tech Start-Ups

Innovation never sleeps. Unfortunately, most new enterprises fail; many because they didn't leverage available IT tools and position their innovations for adoption by large enterprise customers.
From inception, IT-dependent start-ups must consider the integration implications of their products and services for their potential customers (or acquirers).
HHG helps small technology start-ups minimize IT missteps and get the most leverage from the off-the-shelf tools and technologies available from around the world.
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Life Sciences

As IT support of clinical trial management advances, it promises shorter trials and improved productivity. However, concerns about information security, implementation planning, regulatory compliance, technical support and data ownership make IT implementation tough for life science companies.
HHG offers the same experienced IT technology and operations consulting to the Life Sciences industry as to Financial Services to overcome barriers to technology success and deliver the promise.
We provide IT consulting to clinical research organizations, pharmaceutical companies and health care providers.
Our sister affiliate, Kureczka/Martin Associates, provides strategic and tactical corporate communications services for life sciences organizations worldwide.
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