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IBM Workload Deployer
(aka WebSphere Cloudburst Appliance)

Check back in May for a major update of this page based on the exciting new cloud integration capabilities of BlueMix, SoftLayer and other new WebSphere SAS products to be announced by IBM at Impact 2014.
IBM Workload Deployer (IWD), formerly WebSphere Cloudburst Appliance, gives enterprises using WebSphere software the ability to create and manage an infrastructure virtualization in a private cloud to support fast, accurate and repeatable deployments of complex topologies of WebSphere software products. These "bring-your-own-clouds" can be built on top of VMware, PowerVM or z/Linux; IBM Workload Deployer supports mixed clouds across all three platforms.
As enterprise IT is clearly moving to a hybrid-cloud model where some enterprise services are moved to an off-premise cloud while mission-critical and highly secure applications stay within the corporate data center, IWD brings many of the resource advantages of cloud computing to the corporate data center.
The move to cloud computing requires radical change within existing IT management infrastructure processes. The IWD appliance provides demonstrated financial payback within months for enterprises that manage complex WebSphere environments. Implementation of IWD allows IT infrastructure and IT engineering groups to extend their processes to the technologies of cloud computing within the controlled environment of their own data centers, before implementing secure cloud computing into hybrid on-premise/off-premise clouds.