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SOA BPM using IBM WebSphere®

The advantages of a SOA-enabled approach to BPM and EAI using IBM WebSphere® tools include:
IBM WebSphere is the leading tool set for developing reusable business processes and interpreting business rules on a SOA foundation. Through a combination of software, services, templates and modeling, WebSphere helps us help our clients understand, define, execute, and optimize their core business processes that generate enterprise value.
The WebSphere brand comprises a group of standards-based IBM products designed to analyze, design, integrate and operate business applications across multiple computing platforms using SOA technologies.
In particular, we have found IBM WebSphere products to include powerful and practical business rules support that easily integrates human tasks (customer-facing and internal) to the Web as well as to back-office activities, processes and systems. WebSphere implementations make it much easier to maintain and extend new integrations without deploying exotic technology or recoding legacy spaghetti-ware.