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Haddon Hill Group Mobile SOI Accelerator

Mobile applications have opened new ways to connect with customers and partners that were hard to imagine even five years ago.
Systems once confined inside the enterprise are now being exposed to mobile consumers in unprecedented ways. The functional and nonfunctional demands that mobile applications put on your enterprise's Service Oriented Infrastructure (SOI) are equally unprecedented:
HHG has been helping enterprise clients transform their SOA integration and application infrastructures into scalable platforms that are ready to adapt to new mobile-driven business models and device applications. We have distilled more than five years of field remediation experience into the HHG Mobile SOI Accelerator to inject best practice-based patterns into mobile service architectures:
The HHG Mobile SOI Accelerator is a WebSphere-centric bundled solution that includes both virtual and physical appliances (IBM Expert Integrated Systems), plus design, implementation, and support services provided by top experts in mobile infrastructure and app development. This allows our customers accelerated time-to-market in the mobile application space, where agility or its lack makes or breaks business models and strategies.