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Haddon Hill Group DevOps for Hybrid Cloud

Application server and middleware platform development/test environments have grown impossibly complex and resource-intensive. Enterprises have tremendous difficulty managing the developer workstations and test environments that host middleware and Integrated Design Environments (IDEs) for today's service-oriented infrastructure platforms:
Cloud delivery completely changes the economics of managing test and development environments. Increasingly, enterprises must balance on- and off-premise operational expense, given the tremendous economy of scale from utility-style consumption of compute resources during early stages of SDLC.
Using IBM Cloud Technologies, Haddon Hill Group has marshaled years of operational excellence in data center optimization and virtualization to offer test and development environments for application and middleware infrastructure/platform-as-a-utility service -- the HHG DevOps for Hybrid Cloud solution.
The HHG DevOps for Hybrid Cloud solution is built upon best practice-based patterns for complex middleware topology provisioning using your enterprise-specific Standard Operating Environments, ensuring environment consistency and compliance. During our solution implementation, HHG works with your operations image engineers and test experts to architect, build, script, and automate the provisioning of test and dev virtual systems on x86 (ESX and KVM), System p (PowerVM) and System z (z/VM). DevOps for Hybrid Cloud also virtualizes integration test endpoints for systems that are difficult to include in full integration test harnesses, freeing your developers and test experts from "stubbing" and external system dependencies and making integration regression tests more reliable and automatable.
Such environments historically required months to construct and manage, with untold waste in operational expense. Now, with DevOps for Hybrid Cloud, such complex, dynamic workloads can be provisioned in minutes or hours and switched on or off as needed, resulting in more efficient usage and dramatic improvements in your operational cost model.
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George Knoll
General Manager, Haddon Hill Group